Q. Where do I find advice and help with hair loss and information about wigs for men and women of all ages in New Zealand?

At Hair Therapy Wigs in Christchurch, we have many years of experience providing advice and support. We provide wigs and hairpieces for people of all ages who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia Areata, burns, and other medical issues. Diane Watson, a former client of Hair Therapy Wigs, is now living her dream as the owner manager of this outstanding and busy little business. Hair Therapy Wigs provides a level of support, understanding, privacy and professionalism that can only come from those who have experienced a similar path.

Q. What do I do when my wig is ready to be fitted?

You don’t need to do anything, simply book at appointment where we welcome you to visit us in the privacy of our Hair Therapy Studio. At the Studio we can cut your hair, or shave your head as needed. This is often an emotional time so we provide optimum understanding and support, as well as ongoing advice and assistance whenever needed.

Q. Can I bring a friend, parent or support person with me to any wig appointments?

Absolutely! If you would like to have someone there who puts you at ease, then bring them along. Our philosophy is about turning what can be a very challenging time into a pleasant and stress free experience.

Q. When should I wear my wig?

When you wear your wig is a personal choice, but it does need to be removed when sleeping to prevent damage. We sell a great range of stylish turbans and hats to keep your head warm when you are not wearing your wig.

Q. Can medical insurance or subsidies cover the full cost of my wig?

In many cases you can apply for subsidies to cover the cost, depending on your condition. We are happy to advise, and are experienced and efficient in this area so we are more than happy to undertake the application process on your behalf. 

Q. When choosing a wig colour, do I need to match or dye my own hair?

We can match the wig colour to your existing hair colour. Some of our clients choose to have a natural wig matched to their hair colour, and a second wig of a more vibrant shade for outings and parties.

Q. Can I choose any colour wig and can you advise?

What we usually advise is to get a first wig that is your natural shade, or a natural colour that is complimentary to your colouring – rather than a brightly coloured wig. We can advise on the right shade for your colouring. We suggest starting with a natural coloured wig first, where the wig is required for medical reasons, because some days you may not feel so vibrant and a natural coloured wig allows you to feel more like yourself.

Q. Will I have complete privacy when choosing, fitting, and having a wig styled?

Yes. We have rooms designed for optimum comfort and privacy.

Q. What do I do if my wig is damaged?

An assessment can be made before a repair or servicing is undertaken.                                                                                          We offer a convenient overnight service where you can drop your wig to us in the morning and pick it up after 10am the following morning. We understand how important your wig is and gladly provide emergency assistance and advice wherever needed. However, we can only offer this service to wigs that are the Ellen-Willie Brand.

Q. When should I make my first appointment?

If you know you will be having a treatment that could or will result in hair loss, then please feel welcome to contact us for an appointment well in advance. This way we can match your wig to your existing hairstyle and colour, and keep it aside for you until you are ready for it. We welcome you back for a hair cut and fitting at such time that the wig is needed. 

Q. Can I put gel in my wig?

No. It is preferable to avoid using gel on a wig, because it will cause a build up on the fibre and will make the wig look flat and  "wiggy”.

Q. Can I use hairspray on my wig?

A small amount of hairspray can be used but not on a daily basis. Hairspray is not really necessary because the synthetic fibre stays in place without hairspray. Hairspray can be applied to human hair wigs.

Q. Can I use hair dye / highlights on my wig?

Hair dye and highlights can only be applied to human hair wigs. You can discuss possibilities with Anna, our human hair specialist. She is able to provide advice on what is the best solution for you.

Q. How do I maintain my wig to keep it in great condition?

We have specidifc Ellen Wille hair care products that will keep your wig in the best condition - with written instructions. However, if you have a special occasion or your wig requires special conditioning, we offer an overnight shampoo & set service. For wigs that are showing burring or dryness we offer a full maintenance service.

Q. Can I be active while wearing a wig and will it stay in place?

You can leave your wig on while exercising, but we suggest that for your own comfort it may be advisable to wear a beanie or hat. We also suggest wearing a hairgrip band if you are active and wish to wear your wig. These are available for purchase at Reception.

Q. Is a wig damaging for my scalp or will it slow my own hair regrowth?

Wearing a wig is not damaging for your scalp and will not slow your own hair growth. We suggest that regular massaging of the scalp will keep the hair follicles active and healthy.

Q. Is a wig hot and itchy to wear?

It can be hot wearing a wig. Hairgrip bands can be helpful to avoid itching but regular washing of your wig makes a big difference.

Q. Do I need more than one wig?

If you are a permanent wig wearer it is helpful to have two wigs. You can have one to wear each day and one ready for special occasions. A complete new look can make a real difference to your donfidence.

Q. How often will I need a new wig?

A synthetic wig used every day should last about 12 months. It does depend on how well you are caring for it. You will be given instructions on the care of your wig when you purchase.

Q. Will anyone know I’m wearing a wig?

Again, this will depend on how you care for the wig, but most people say that no one knows that they are wearing a wig, which helps their confidence tremendously.