Our Hair Therapy Solution Process

What to expect from the experts at Hair Therapy Wigs, for excellent advice and personal Wig solutions:


1. Book A Consultation

BOOKING: Contact us make an appointment for a consultation with Diane Watson  or Anna Sell and our wonderful team of professionals at our premises at 105 Barrington Street, Christchurch. You can reach us via the Contact Form on our website or by phoning 03 332 8569.

We have private rooms to provide safe, uninterrupted consultations. These private hair loss consultations enable us to talk through with you any concerns and questions that you may have. We specialise in finding the right solution and providing the right knowledge to suit you.

Please bring any Wig Subsidy  letter with you to your appointment.


2. Your First Hair Therapy Wig Studio Appointment

For our clients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, we usually book two appointments. The first of which is scheduled before treatment begins.

You’re very welcome to bring a support person or persons at this or any other appointment. Our private consulting  rooms are welcoming and peaceful, rather than clinical and medical.

CHOOSING A WIG: Select a wig from our extensive range of women’s wigs and men’s hair replacements. Alternatively we can design and create you a custom hair replacement such as a partial-wig.

CHOOSING A WIG STYLE: We can help you match a wig colour and style to your existing hair or find a new wig colour and style that you will be comfortable with. We advise a natural style at this time, because though it is tempting to go with something new and creative, there may be times when you just want to feel as much like yourself as possible.

AN ADDITIONAL “SPECIAL OCCASION” WIG: We have had several clients who have asked for an additional wig for them either initially, or later on. These additional wigs that are usually more flamboyant in colour and/or style, and worn for special and feel-good occasions. For some, the more adventurous wig provides them with extra lift and self-confidence right when they need it.


3. Second Hair Therapy Wig Studio Appointment

FITTING: At your second Hair Therapy Wig appointment we fit your new wig to you, and can make any adjustments to size and fitting to ensure optimum comfort right there and then.

HAIR AND WIG TRIMMING: Your new hair and your real hair may need to be trimmed to customise your look, and we can do that for you at Hair Therapy.

TEACHING: Something new that we do is to ensure that we teach you how to put on and wear your wig. Diane laughs when she tells her clients that this is not something she was shown, and from her own experience she shares her story of going home excitedly with her first wig yet struggling to put it on correctly. Her story is shared with remembered frustration but no lack of good humour and the wisdom of hindsight that Diane is remembered for.

SUPPORTING: For our Chemotherapy clients, we often cut or shave their hair at this time, which can be a very emotional experience. We often have clients that do not want to see their reflection, and I mention this here because on many, many occasions it has been of great importance to them that they tackle this hurdle at our private premises in the company of our supportive, caring and understanding staff. Our clients are certainly welcome to bring a support person with them this, or any other time they feel one is needed.


4. Full Backup Service

REGULAR VISITS WELCOME: You can visit us regularly for post-fitting care, advice on maintenance, and a trim if your real hair grows back. Some services have an additional charge so feel free to Contact Us at any time for enquiries and appointments.