Hair loss and wig services

People don’t realise how important their hair is until they are without it. Ask any woman who has undergone treatment resulting in hair loss and they will tell you that losing their hair can be worse than dealing with having cancer.

When it comes to hair loss we have experience in providing wigs and other solutions. Our clients include men, women and children of all ages. Each person is unique in their needs and the way they manage their situation. We are able to help make this as stress free as possible. 

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Wig and hair solutions in Canterbury

Hair Therapy Wigs have an established agency with Wigs by Hair Creations who import the European Style wigs from Ellen Willie in Germany.

We are specialist wig and hairpiece providers, catering to specific requirements. We can show you realistic solutions for your individual hair loss needs, and our qualified consultancy team can give you back the appearance of a full head of hair, that looks and acts like real hair.

We also offer wig solutions for associated issues such as correct fitting. We can provide hairgrip bands & hair nets and other popular solutions to ensure your wig feels permanent and secure. 

So much more than a wig purchase

Choosing the right style is very important but even the most beautiful wig will not be worn if it does not fit properly or suit the wearer. Buying wigs on-line and ordering without trying on can be dissappointing and expensive.

It's not just a wig you receive when purchasing from Hair Therapy Wigs. Our purchase price includes:

  • support & care from the team from the first phone call to total satisfaction of fit and after-care
  • private consultation rooms- your support team are very welcome
  • more than one visit to try on and make final decision
  • preparation of the wig prior to final fitting
  • customised alterations
  • learning how to care for your wig and full take-home instructions
  • management of MOH subsidy paperwork
  • for permanent clients - accurate records are kept of purchases and individual subsidy balance

The personal attention and care can make a huge difference to the experience of purchasing a wig.

Out-visits for wig consultations

Diane Watson can make visits to people in need throughout the Christchurch region. She is available to visit those who cannot visit our Hair Therapy Wig clinic personally, sharing her understanding and experience to offer quality solutions.

One of the locations that Diane makes personal visits to is the Bone Marrow Unit at Christchurch Hospital. This is a very sterile environment offering the highest level of care and isolation, and Diane is one of few who are welcomed to consult one-on-one with patients in their care. Both new and repeat clients greatly benefit from Diane’s special brand of care, advice and personal attention.

Diane can also visit Ronald McDonald House, offering peace of mind and expert solutions with complete privacy, for children and families.

If you would like to arrange a visit to our clinic, or would like to a personal visit from Diane, please Contact Us to make an appointment today.

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